NLDC Project

// 28.09.16 - 30.08.17 

Wor Hoose Community Project, 33 Hexham Ave, Newcastle upon Tyne NE6 3AL

In 2017 I worked on placement with the Arts Team of Newcastle City Council. My role as Project Manager involved assiting the coordination of the NLDC (Neighbourhood Learning in Deprived Communities) project. This delivered a network of creative courses aiming to engage hard to reach, disadvantaged adults to offer opportunities to enhance learning skills and build confidence.

I took on the lead creative role at Wor Hoose Community Project in Walker, Newcastle. I gained valuable hands-on experience collaborating with a variety of talented artists to produce a series of exciting art and craft workshops for the Walker community.  This helped give participants the confidence to express themselves in constructive and creative ways. It provided them with opportunities to engage in many new activities, help broaden their experience, enhance their belief in their own abilities and raise their aspirations, not only in the arts but within a wider ‘life’ context. 

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