// 10.07.18 - 22.07.18

Artistree Gallery, Upstairs Heritage Centre, Church Lane, Ledbury, HR8 1DN

This collaboration matched individual contemporary artists together in a creative partnership with poets that culminated in a joint exhibition and poetry presentation. The initiative was based on similar events but particularly a PoARTry Gallery event that took place in Cradley Heath, Black Country, 2016.  This collaborative partnership was mentored by Rick Saunders who originally co-ordinated the Cradley Heath event.

“Poet Nina Lewis, and artist Molly Bythell very much gelled their creative minds by starting with painting flower gel and poem Transaction. Playfully, Molly decorated with and reimagined the poems of Nina Lewis whose work often explores people, place and memory. She deals with strong emotions and the inner stories people carry. Her poems often sting at the end, like Wasabi, the taste will linger.

To begin with Molly and Nina each chose an existing work. Transaction (Published Silver Birch Press 2016) was the initial poem, from this Molly created fairest of them all. Nina chose flower gel as a starting point from this stemmed Picking Berries and a short sequence of 11 poems dealing with Dementia.

Picking Berries was used to create dont eat that. And fairest of them all was reflected with new poems Mirror, Mirror and AfFair two fresh poems as fair as each other!”

︎ Find Nina’s review on her blog ‘A Writers Fountain’ here: